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The Morning of Bo


The Morning of Bo is an adventure game where you play as a farmer and try to stop corrupted wild beasts from eating your crops

  This game was developed in a TGA made c++ engine where my main responsibility was gameplay, with a focus on the player character



- The player controller was made using a state stack system. where each state (attack, move, throw, etc) is added and after it is done, the next state in the stack gets to execute their code.


- The player can use different ways to defeat the wildlife. Either attacking normally using their scythe or by holding it in to do a charge attack. I also implemented so objects can be picked up and thrown at enemies, but this mechanic is also used to unlock new paths in the world.



- I implemented chests which gives the player items or upgrades when interacted with.


- I implemented cuttable grass in order to add extra juice to the game world.

Bridge Crystals

- I implemented crystals which when attacked by the player would lift a bridge. This would allow the player to progress across in the game.

Group Members


Benjamin Ek

Neo Nemeth

Niklas Jakobsen

Samuel Rydberg

Niklas Fredriksson


Daniel Fornell

Moa Bergman


Victor Ek

Elin Ekelöv

Albin Günther

Level Design

Christoffer Janbris

Vanessa Grundström

Linus Lindborg-Persson


Per Nilsson

Ola Sandberg

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