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Spite Crowstorm


Spite Crowstorm is an ARPG where you play as a possesed scarecrow and try to drive evil forces out of your swamp.

  This game was developed in an in-house c++ engine where my main responsibility was gameplay, focusing on the player character



- For this project, I decided to use a state machine to handle the different states of the player character (walking, casting, etc). The code for transitions between states were handled by the state machine itself, and each state only needed to change a couple of values in order to go to a different state.

- The combat for the player was split into three different states: Light attack, heavy attack and abilities. Because each ability worked similarly (cast time, mana cost, result) they could be grouped up as a single state, where the only things changing were values for casting and the result after the cast.


- The movement for the player was quite difficult to implement, as it needed to figure out where the player wanted to go based on clicks on a screen. Whenever the player clicks, the screen position is turned into a world position and a ray is fired from the camera towards the direction of the world position. If the player hits the navmesh of the ground, it walks to that position. The player's movement turned out to be a team effort and a lot of programmers helped me fix it to a well working state near the end.


- I implemented all of the player effects made by our technical artists. Most of the effects dedicated to abilities are meshes with shaders applied, and took quite some time to fine tune so they spawned at the right positions and looked correct.

Level Transition

- I created the components that allows the player to transition between levels. I also made it so that the exp the player has is also kept in the next level.

Video of intro cutscene



- I created an audio engine class which used the FMOD API

- I sourced and implemented all the audio found in the game. I found this to be very fun, as this was one of the few games I've made with cutscenes. My personal favourite to implement audio for was the intro cutscene, where there was a great variety of materials and action to create sound for.    

Group Members


Semi Asani

Neo Nemeth

Erik Ljungman

Simon Igelström

Zoe Thysell

Joakim Larsson

Niklas Fredriksson


Tanya Bengtsson

Jack Thell Malmberg

Elias Runelid


Daniel Gryningstjerna

Mirjam Hildahl

Victor Ek

Philip Tingberg

William Holster

Level Design

Christoffer Carlsvärd

Mina Mirhosseini

Tilde Persson

Technical Art

Malte Hedenström

Frode Ödéhn

Sara Ekstram

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