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Oneiro is a mobile puzzle game where you "solve the puzzles of your mind and escape a nightmare filled with your deepest, darkest fears”

  This game was developed in Unity and my main responsibilities was gameplay, focusing on the puzzle mechanics 

Puzzle 1


- I implemented the box which the player pushes and pulls around in order to solve puzzles throughout the game. Boxes serve as both obstacles and tools for the player to use. The player can push the boxes on pressure plates to open doors, as well as using them to jump to other locations.

This was suprisingly one of the most difficult mechanics I have ever had to implement so far, and took me quite a lot of time (and pain) to get right. The difficulty mostly stemmed from how the player was supposed to move it, which was completely reworked halfway through the project. I would like to thank Semi Asani for helping me with this accursed box.


Puzzle 2

Glass Jar

- I created a glass jar which was supposed to be dropped in order from a height, so it broke and the player could obtain a key. A large amount of time was spent balancing when the jar should break, and a recurring problem was that the jar would spontaneosly explode when pushed around.


- I implemented a key which could be picked up by the player in order to open locked doors.

Group Members


Semi Asani

Andreas Isaksson

Stefan Pihlström

Joakim Larsson

Niklas Fredriksson


Alexander Diec

Emily Bengtsson

Jacob Fransson


Mirjam Hildahl

Victor Ek

William Holster

Level Design

Linus Lindborg-Persson

Anton Herlin

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