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MageQuit is a shoot'em up where you play as a wizard that needs to use his three orbs of power in order to get out of a shadowy realm

  This game was developed in a in-house c++ engine and my responsibilities was gameplay, focusing on the enemies & effects

Enemies & Effects


- I implemented almost every single non-boss enemy the player fights in MageQuit, with the exception of the exploding crab. 


- I implemented a variety of different visual effects to enhance the player experience. These effects include:

   - Small explosions made by the players shots on hit                 - Larger explosions on enemy death

   - Screen-covering explosions on boss death

   - Flame effect when player picks up power crystals

   - Flickering "hit" effect when enemies are shot

   - Shield effect when player takes damage


Snake Boss

- I implemented the final boss, known as "Ouroboros" or just the snake boss. The part of the boss which took the longest was trying to match the head movement  and projectiles during the "acid spray" attack. Because of this, it eventually led to a different boss mechanic being cut from the final version.

Eye Boss

- I implemented (and is most proud of) the eye boss, which is the second to last boss. Compared to the other bosses, this is the most unique as it is made up out of several smaller enemies.  

Group Members


Ventus Andersson

Niklas Fredriksson

Max Hartell

Ivar Jönsson

Henrik Park

Carl Uvebrant


Arvid Aspeborg

Moa Bergman


Anes Sabanovic

Sebastian Schaffer

Felicia Johansson

Max Kock

Level Design

Elias Carlsson

Christoffer Carlsvärd

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