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Enclosed is a platformer where you play as an old woman trying to rescue her granddaughter from a hospital of evil 

  This game was developed in an TGA made c++ engine and my main  responsibility was engine, with a focus on audio and levels



- I implemented level loading via json first, but it was later changed to binary by a different programmer to reduce the large loading times. 


- I implemented transition between levels through "end of level" points. When a player enters one of these points, the screen fades to black and then proceeds to load the next level.

Scripted Event

- I implemented a scripted event with the help of Zoe Thysell and Johanna Malmberg, where the player goes near a tape recorder, hears an alarm sound, and then finds two nearby guards dead with inmates standing over their bodies.


During this project, I worked closely with Johanna Malmberg, our audio director.

Audio Implementation

- I implement all the sounds in the game, where all of them were either made or sourced by Johanna.

Audio Triggers

- The most interesting thing I worked on with Johanna was the extensive use of audio parameters and audio trigger boxes to evolve the ambience of the levels as you played.  



- I implemented the videos which would appear during the intro, outro and as the main menu background. I also implemented support for videos that would appear in the world on monitors or such, but it was unfortunately never used. 

Group Members


Jesper Andersson

Niklas Fredriksson

Simon Igelström

Erik Ljungman

Alexander Rosendahl

Zoe Thysell


Falke Persson

Felicia Johansson

Philip Tingberg

Bastian Helly-Hansen Stockenborn


Tanya Bengtsson

Alexander Diec

Level Design

Oliver Ringh

Niklas Hagerman

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