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I'm a game programming student at The Game Assembly in Malmö, Sweden. The programming fields I am particularily passionate in is tools, audio and gameplay. I quite enjoy actively thinking about the user experience and try to always keep it on my mind while I am developing a tool or gameplay feature.

I first became interested in games when I played educational children's games with my grandfather at a very young age. Games such as Upptäck rymden med Mulle Meck (2004) still hold a special place in my heart. Apart from both playing and developing games, I build and paint Warhammer models.

I am currently looking for an internship and am part of The Game Assembly’s internship program. As per the agreement between the Games Industry and The Game Assembly, neither student nor company may be in contact with one another regarding internships before April 19th . Any internship offers can be made on April 26th, at the earliest.

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